11th January 2022

We have started a programme to infill some of the rather bare looking garden areas with more colourful shrubs which will also require work with the pipes so the water goes more precisely where it needs to be and are taking advice from a local garden centre. The plan is to start early this year with a few small areas to ensure that they get well established and then to progress over the year.

There are limited places for new larger trees as most properties have been extended since the 1980s and we have to be aware of the potential for root damage. At the moment we are unable to take further action with any potentially infected trees as we need council inspection before consent will be granted and this is taking some months. However we are still planning to start introducing new trees in addition to shrubs later in the year. The objective is to create a more attractive long lasting garden environment for all.

3rd January 2022

The heat pumps for the Pool at the Ts and Vs area need to be replaced. Owing to significant price increases from January 2022 we have ordered new Heat Pumps, and installation should take place in the next 2 months. According to our information from the Technician the Pumps should be quieter than the existing pumps.

A very Happy and Healthy New Year 2022 to everyone.


19th April 2021

We are currently re-siliconing the area between pool liners and coping stones to both pools.

Remedial works have been carried out to assist in preventing water damage after heavy rain during the winter.

Tree pruning and removing infected trees now complete.

Pool heating will be turned off for the summer in the next week subject to current hot weather continuing.