19th April 2021

We are currently re-siliconing the area between pool liners and coping stones to both pools.

Remedial works have been carried out to assist in preventing water damage after heavy rain during the winter.

Tree pruning and removing infected trees now complete.

Pool heating will be turned off for the summer in the next week subject to current hot weather continuing.


18th December 2020

Basura Building

Apologies for any lack of information ref the Basura Building.

As you know the Building with the walls and floor is already in place and will never be used again for Basura.  An opportunity now to Roof in the area and front entrance to form a secure unit for Zone D Owners only.  Storing Cycles is a possibility.  Also as a completely separate project at a later date to install Solar Heating to offset our spiralling electrical costs in Pool Heating which currently are 800 to 1000€ per month per pool during the six months a year the pools are heated.  The latter being a impossible without the Roof construction which is approx. 45 sq. Meters.

Myself and the Board would like to wish everyone a very happy and safe Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in 2021.