4th June 2022

Within the last few days we have had a security incident involving the entering of an unlocked/open property and the stealing of money and personal item (wristwatch).

Should any suspicious person be noticed on the Complex it should be bought to Luis’ attention at reception, we then alert the Staff and walk the Complex to check out for potential problems. In the event anything is noticed out of reception hours the local police can be contacted directly. The police cannot do anything without clear proof of a crime so if possible and safe please try and take photos.

When we have any security issues reported, which thankfully are rare, it is intended to send out, to all owners, an email for information and to remind all to be vigilant. This will also be posted on the blog.

The security issue was comprehensively covered at the AGM, especially the costs and personal options which all owners should be aware of. It was resolved that the community would not take any specific action with regards to enhancing security (cameras, security guards… etc) based on the overall cost benefit to the community but rather individual owners should take their own precautions as they feel appropriate.

Please take this communication as a reminder to be vigilant and not leave your property open to uninvited guests and please do not leave valuables on display.


En los últimos días hemos tenido un incidente de seguridad relacionado con la entrada en una propiedad abierta y el robo de dinero y objetos personales (reloj de pulsera).

Si se detecta alguna persona sospechosa en el complejo, se debe llamar a la atención de Luis en la recepción, para que alerte al personal y recorra el complejo en busca de posibles problemas.

En el caso de que se observe algo fuera del horario de recepción, se puede contactar directamente con la policía local. La policía no puede hacer nada sin una prueba clara de un delito, así si sea posible y seguro, por favor, intente tomar fotos.

Cuando tengamos algún problema de seguridad, que afortunadamente es poco frecuente, se enviará un correo electrónico a todos los propietarios para informarles y recordarles que estén atentos.

También se publicará en el blog.

El tema de la seguridad se trató ampliamente en la Asamblea General Anual, especialmente los costes y las opciones personales que todos los propietarios deberían conocer.

Se resolvió que la comunidad no tomaría ninguna medida específica con respecto a la mejora de la seguridad (cámaras, guardias de seguridad … etc.) sobre la base de la relación coste-beneficio global para la comunidad, sino que los propietarios individuales deben tomar sus propias precauciones como lo consideren oportuno.

Por favor, tomen esta comunicación como un recordatorio para estar atentos y no dejar su propiedad abierta a invitados no deseados y por favor no dejen objetos de valor a la vista.


In den letzten Tagen gab es einen Sicherheitsvorfall, bei dem ein unverschlossenes, offenes Grundstück betreten und Geld und persönliche Gegenstände (Armbanduhr) gestohlen wurden.

Sollte eine verdächtige Person auf dem Komplex bemerkt werden, sollte dies Luis an der Rezeption gemeldet werden. Wir alarmieren dann das Personal und sehen uns auf dem Komplex um, um nach möglichen Problemen zu suchen.

Falls außerhalb der Rezeptionszeiten etwas bemerkt wird, kann die örtliche Polizei auch direkt kontaktiert werden. Die Polizei kann ohne eindeutige Beweise für eine Straftat allerdings nichts unternehmen, also versuchen Sie bitte, wenn es möglich und sicher ist, Fotos zu machen.

Wenn uns Sicherheitsprobleme gemeldet werden, was zum Glück selten vorkommt, werden alle Eigentümer per E-Mail informiert und zur Wachsamkeit aufgefordert. Dies wird auch in den Blog aufgenommen.

Das Thema Sicherheit wurde auf der Jahreshauptversammlung ausführlich behandelt, insbesondere die Kosten und die persönlichen Möglichkeiten, über die sich alle Eigentümer im Klaren sein sollten.

Es wurde beschlossen, dass die Gemeinschaft keine spezifischen Maßnahmen zur Verbesserung der Sicherheit (Kameras, Sicherheitspersonal usw.) ergreifen wird, die sich an den Gesamtkosten für die Gemeinschaft orientieren, sondern dass die einzelnen Eigentümer ihre eigenen Vorkehrungen treffen sollten, die sie für angemessen halten.

Bitte nehmen Sie diese Mitteilung als Mahnung, wachsam zu sein und Ihr Eigentum nicht für ungebetene Gäste offen sowie bitte keine Wertsachen in Sicht zu lassen.

18th May 2022

Some Owners have queried the increase in Community fees payable after receiving their latest bill in the last day or so. Below is an explanation as to how the increase has been calculated.

Community Fee Payments are due on 1st January and 1st July each year

The full year budget is set at the AGM (usually in March)

The payment made in January is always based on the previous years budget (current year not yet approved at the AGM)

The payment made in July is based on the new budget as agreed at the AGM

The July payment includes the full half year (July to December) and the increase for the first half of the year (January to June)

The discounts are included, where appropriate, in all payments.


Playa Bastian Board

16th May 2022

To all owners, you will have received your statement in the last few days for the community fees payment due at the end of June.

Unfortunately there is an error as the old budget was used in calculating the individual owners payments.

The statements will be re-issued in the next few days so please use this for any payments.

Many thanks and apologies for any confusion.

Playa Bastian board

10th May 2022

Playa Bastian Zone D Community Rules

On the website’s Official Notices page (Zone D General Information section), you will find a complete set of rules for Zone D.

These have been produced as a single page document in Spanish, English and German for use by Owners and their ‘Guests’.

This is the result of comments from a number of owners regarding people staying on the complex and not adhering to the standards of behaviour we all would expect.

Laminated copies are available from Reception for every Owner to have a copy and hopefully clearly display them in their property.

For those Owners having guests including family and friends or those Owners renting their properties to unknown Guests, we ask that you make ALL Guests aware of our Community rules and ensure they adhere to them at all times.

Thank you!

9th May 2022

Following the AGM in April we have had interest regarding supporting the work of the board. Julian Norfolk, who many of you will know from his previous time on the board, has shown such interest and we are co-opting him onto the board with immediate effect. This brings the board back to its full compliment of five members. Of course any other interested parties can express interest and as always all board positions can be ‘fought’ for at the next AGM in 2023. 

Below is a brief profile from Julian….

Julian Norfolk profile

I have been an owner with my wife Jacqui, on Playa Bastian since 2004. I had been coming to Lanzarote for many years before as my sister and family lived on the Island.

We were immediately taken with Playa Bastian when we first saw it, and knew straight away that we wanted to buy there.

I am a retired Dental Surgeon by profession, but enjoy being an amateur web designer, and have designed and maintained the Playa Bastian website and blog for many years. Besides enjoying IT stuff, I also like to make ceramics in my little home pottery studio, walk, cycle, spend time gardening, and travel, although haven’t done much of the latter recently for obvious reasons!

I was originally on the committee from 2013 until the 2018 AGM when I stood down. I enjoyed my time on the committee especially helping to get the current way we deliver TV up and running. I now find myself with more free time, and now that Jacqui has fully retired we are hoping to spend more time here than we have been able to do in the past. I feel that I am now in a position to contribute more to the community where I am needed.

21st January 2022

Tony Dennis

It is with great sadness that I have to report the passing of Tony Dennis.  Tony has been an Owner on Playa Bastian since 1982.  Tony has been a great support for myself as President with his great Knowledge of Playa Bastian and he will be sadly missed by his Wife Joan and Family, and many friends on the Community and the Island.

B. Purdue


11th January 2022

We have started a programme to infill some of the rather bare looking garden areas with more colourful shrubs which will also require work with the pipes so the water goes more precisely where it needs to be and are taking advice from a local garden centre. The plan is to start early this year with a few small areas to ensure that they get well established and then to progress over the year.

There are limited places for new larger trees as most properties have been extended since the 1980s and we have to be aware of the potential for root damage. At the moment we are unable to take further action with any potentially infected trees as we need council inspection before consent will be granted and this is taking some months. However we are still planning to start introducing new trees in addition to shrubs later in the year. The objective is to create a more attractive long lasting garden environment for all.